Cancelled flight compensation

On several occasions it happens that a flight is canceled by the airlines for very different reasons. Therefore, if you intend to travel and you find yourself in the situation that your flight has been canceled, it is advisable that you know what your rights are as a passenger, in which cases you can file a claim with the airline and that you have to do concretely. team  is here to help you to solve any doubt you may have and support you to make your claim.

Conditions to be able to claim compensation if your flight has been canceled

According to the applicable regulations, if your flight has been canceled, you may be able to obtain compensation of up to € 1,400 per passenger, IF:

Otros Derechos :
In addition, you have the right to recover material and / or moral damages caused by the cancellation of the flight. For example, the loss of a vacation day, if that flight was the only one available that day, or because of its cancellation, you have not been able to attend an important work meeting, or a family event, etc. Likewise, if the airline has returned the price of the ticket, even though you have received a discount or gift voucher from the airline, you are also entitled to receive compensation.

What to do if your flight has been cancelled?

Other compensation. In addition to the economic ones of CE 261, there are also other compensations that you can claim for the cancellation of a flight:

What is the amount of compensation that I can expect for my canceled flight according to EC Regulation 251/2004?

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