Denied Boarding (overbooking)Compensation

On many occasions, the airline will give you a document proving that boarding has been denied. Do not sign any documents, since there were cases in which the passengers have been determined by the company to sign documents which highlighted that they have received the compensation at that very moment. team is at your disposal to solve any doubts you may  have and to support you so that you receive your compensation as soon as possible.

f you have been denied boarding, usually due to ticket overselling, you are entitled to compensation, IF:

If you have suffered a flight overbooking, you can choose between an alternative transport to your final destination or cancel the reservation and opt for a full refund of the ticket price.


If you have to wait at the airport, the airline has to provide assistance to the passengers, regardless of the cause of the cancellation and whether or not the airline is guilty of the overbooking.

Passengers must also receive food and drinks plus two free phone calls, faxes or emails.


What to do when you are denied boarding ?

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