Airline strike compensation

If your flight suffered an incident due to an airline strike, you may be entitled to receive compensation!
Airline staff strikes are strikes involving the employees of the airline carrier, including pilots, cabin crew, airline engineers, and other employees working directly under the airline
Sometimes airline strikes can cause problems with your flight, usually long delays or cancellations. The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg ruled that disruption caused by airline employee strikes qualifies for compensation as the airline is considered responsible for the behavior of their own staff.

You are eligible for strike compensation,IF:

You are not eligible for strike compensation, IF:

If it is a strike outside airline control, as as these situations are considered “extraordinary circumstance”,  situations that can’t be avoided, 

even when all reasonable measures have been taken.

For example:

You still doubt if your flight is eligible for airline strike compensation?

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Airline Strike Flight Cancellation Compensation

Airline Strike Flight Delay Compensation

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